Diny, Australian sheepskin boots Colloidal Silver Gel
Our Price: AUD135.00
Our Price: AUD15.00
Diny Boots, Australian sheepskin boots.
Inner & outer: sheepskin
Sole: Eva
Colloidal Silver Gel. 150 gr.
Smiling Buda Burmese Jade Burmese Jade, (Jadite) A Class
Our Price: AUD50.00
Our Price: AUD1,800.00
Smiling Buda, Natural Burmese Jade. approx. 20x20mm
Color may differ slightly as light will distort it.
Burmese Jade, (Jadite) A Class, Certified, included. Weight: 66.85 gram. Size: 71.7x38x12 mm. Late 1700 Early 1800. Historical value.
Quan Yin Burmese Jade Pendand, A Class
Our Price: AUD75.00
Our Price: AUD105.00
Quan Yin. Natural Burmese Jade. approx. size 25x12mm.
Color may differ slightly due to light distorting the color.
Burmese Jade (Jadite), Smiling Buda, A Class, Certified.
Size: approx. 35x30mm.

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