Burmese Jade pendand (jadite), A Class Colloidal Silver Liquid
Our Price: AUD199.00
Our Price: AUD20.00
Burmese Jade, (Jadite) A Class.

Weight: 71.511 gram.
Certified, included.
Colloidal Silver Liquid. 500ml.
Smiling Buda Burmese Jade Pendant
Our Price: AUD50.00
Our Price: AUD285.00
Smiling Buda, Natural Burmese Jade. approx. 20x20mm
Color may differ slightly as light will distort it.
Burmese Jade Pendant, Jadite, certified.
Size: approx. 50x27x9mm. Weight: 38.478gr.
Colloidal Silver Gel Quan Yin
Our Price: AUD15.00
Our Price: AUD75.00
Colloidal Silver Gel. 150 gr. Quan Yin. Natural Burmese Jade. approx. size 25x12mm.
Color may differ slightly due to light distorting the color.

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