Ladies Sheepskin Pants Genuine Chinese Paiting on scroll
Our Price: AUD175.00
Our Price: AUD850.00
Ladies Leather Pants.
Material: Cowhide.
full internal lining.
Waist: 80cm.
This is a genuine Chinese Painting.
Artist is know by us. She is from the North East of China.
Burmese Jade Burmese Jade, (Jadite) A Class Ladies Sheepskin Pants
Our Price: AUD1,800.00
Our Price: AUD175.00
Burmese Jade, (Jadite) A Class, Certified, included. Weight: 66.85 gram. Size: 71.7x38x12 mm. Late 1700 Early 1800. Historical value. Ladies leather Pants.
Material: Sheepskin.
Full internal lining.
Waist: 78 cm.
Burmese Jade Pendant Deluxe Jeweler's Loupe 30x Power
Our Price: AUD285.00
Our Price: AUD15.95
Burmese Jade Pendant, Jadite, certified.
Size: approx. 50x27x9mm. Weight: 38.478gr.
This is not only an outstanding loupe, but one that has an incredible price. Large 21mm and 30x power lens. This loupe is suitable for all kinds of uses: Jewelry, coins, beads, photography, map reading, electrical, fine inspection of small particals. Packing: Boxed w/ Attractive Case

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